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Chateau de Paon, Arles

In the heart of the Camargue lies Chateau de Paon, a family owned estate nestled in breathtaking natural landscapes which have inspired the likes of Van Gogh and Marcel Pagnol.

The heart of the chateau dates back to the 16th century, but it wasn’t until the 19th century that it took on the form we recognise today: large wrought iron gates opening onto a driveway leading to an exquisitely restored chateau in classic Provence colours.

Chateau de Paon from the south

The Name

Its name originally came from peacocks who used to take shade under the 500 year old elm tree on the South terrace. Whilst the peacocks are long gone, their effortless natural beauty remains in the overall design: each room has been designed to celebrate nature in a unique way and filled with interesting things that have been collected over years.

Where to find Chateau de Paon

The vibrant city of Arles is 10 minutes away, and is in easy reach of airports Nimes (20km) and Marseille (70km) & Eurostar Avignon (45km).

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